Tools & Resources

Contents for your clinical practice

These tools and resources have been developed for your clinical practice together with rheumatologists, orthopaedists and other experts dedicated to the OA field

Early Diagnosis of Osteoarthritis

The toolkit provides a comprehensive overview at OA grades through a radiographic atlas and pain…

Key Role of Overweight and Obesity on Knee Osteoarthritis

This digest explores the influence of overweight and obesity, reviews the mechanisms that impact KOA…

Integrative Osteoarthritis Care: Prevention and Treatment

Access Prof. Yves Henrotin’s presentation: “To be an actor of OA prevention and treatment”….

Radiographic diagnosis of osteoarthritis

An overview of the criteria for OA diagnosis and the major principles of standard radiography….

Adherence to treatment

Adherence is one of the main problems for chronic illnesses like Osteoarthritis. Globally, it has…

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